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A Team Approach and a Work Ethic Second to None

Our experienced attorneys and support leadership team are dedicated to navigating our clients through their adversities, helping them regain control of their lives and dignity. We are committed to achieving maximum results, ensuring our clients are well-supported and confident throughout their cases. Our dedication is highlighted by our hands-on approach and the use of advanced technology, giving us a significant advantage in ensuring our clients’ deserved success.

Our Attorneys

Photo of Jason Turkish

Jason Turkish

Managing Partner

Photo of Melissa Nyman

Melissa Nyman


Photo of Spencer Nyman

Spencer Nyman


Photo of Jessica Turkish

Jessica Turkish


Photo of William Turkish

William Turkish

Of Counsel

Photo of J. Christopher Deem

J. Christopher Deem

Of Counsel

Photo of Brant Bruner

Brant Bruner

Senior Counsel

Photo of Alexandra Kabbaz-Szabo

Alexandra Kabbaz-Szabo

Senior Associate

Photo of E. Christina Carrasco

E. Christina Carrasco

Senior Associate

Photo of Erik Stenberg

Erik Stenberg

Senior Associate

Photo of Natalie Keeve

Natalie Keeve

Senior Associate

Photo of Robert Eckl

Robert Eckl

Senior Associate

Photo of Ryan Kaiser

Ryan Kaiser

Senior Associate

Photo of Albert DiRocco

Albert DiRocco


Photo of Jessica Raines

Jessica Raines


Photo of Mary Scott

Mary Scott


Photo of Matthew Silver

Matthew Silver


Support Leadership

Photo of Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell

Director of Social Security Disability Hearing Operations

Photo of Jack Kramer

Jack Kramer

Chief Information Officer

Photo of Kate Smith

Kate Smith

Human Resources Manager

Photo of Liam O’Rourke

Liam O’Rourke

Director of Workers' Compensation Client Intake

Photo of Mark Calderon

Mark Calderon

Director of Workers' Compensation Client Services

Photo of Mary Simon

Mary Simon

Director of Social Security Disability Case Management Operations

Photo of Rachel Navalta

Rachel Navalta

Director of Process Excellence

Photo of Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards

Director of Business Development

Photo of Stephanie Nagel

Stephanie Nagel

Director of Resource Management and Accounting

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