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Representation for Bad Drugs & Products

Dangerous products and drugs trigger a variety of different recalls, lawsuits, and safety issues. Every year our office helps clients who are seriously injured by bad drugs and products. Sometimes they sustain injuries as a result of products such as defective medical devices, bad automobile parts, faulty machinery, and defective equipment, or from bad drugs they took that caused serious, unintended side effects. 

If you have experienced injuries related to a bad drug or product, help is available. Contact a defective drug lawyer at Nyman Turkish for assistance with your injury case. The first step is to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. There is no risk in calling us to learn about your rights and available options. Our team has extensive knowledge in evaluating personal injury cases and assisting clients with moving forward in pursuing the compensation they deserve for sustaining injuries caused by a negligent party. 

About Defective Products

Defective products cause thousands of people to sustain injuries each year. The product defect can be the fault of a manufacturer, supplier, distributor, seller, retailer, or another party. When a product defect leads to an injury, one or more of these parties may be held accountable for the injuries caused by a defective product. Common claims filed on behalf of an injured party for injuries sustained from a defective product include negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, and breach of consumer protection laws. 

About Dangerous Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

Thousands of people each year are injured or become ill after using a bad pharmaceutical prescription. Unfortunately, some patients even die because of defective drugs and medical mistakes in prescribing drugs. Product liability claims for bad drugs result for various reasons such as where a pharmaceutical company manufactures a defective drug, where a patient taking a drug experiences serious side effects (sometimes even deadly) that were not properly disclosed to them, and where drugs are inaccurately advertised to the public. 

As with defective products, when a bad drug causes injuries, there are often several parties involved such as the manufacturer and seller of the drug. However, with defective medications, there are some additional parties who may also be involved such as a doctor, hospital, laboratory, and pharmaceutical sales representative, among others.

The process to file a successful product liability or defective drug claim is complicated. If you or a loved one were injured from a defective product, you should contact an experienced attorney at Nyman Turkish today. Our attorneys are standing by and can advise you as to what your rights are as well as the legal remedies available to you for the injuries and damages you sustained from a defective product. Don’t wait!  

Next Steps: Contact an Experienced Injury Attorney at Nyman Turkish Today for a FREE CONSULTATION

Were you injured from a bad drug or product? If so, contact a personal injury or product liability attorney at Nyman Turkish today for a FREE CONSULTATION. We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained from an accident. Our law firm offers a NO FEE GUARANTEE, so you have nothing to lose by contacting Nyman Turkish today for assistance with your personal injury claim.