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Sarah Edwards, a graduate of the University of Arizona, brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her career in Social Security Disability law began in 2007 at one of the first nationwide SSD law firms in the country, followed by a decade-long tenure at a premier legal advertising firm before joining the Nyman Turkish PC team.

Sarah’s passion for her job stems from Nyman Turkish PC’s unique mission to assist individuals who have often been unfairly impacted by circumstances beyond their control and fighting for these individuals to receive the financial benefits that they earned and have been promised throughout their lives. She leads the strategic overhaul of the Firm’s processes, technologies, and capabilities to drive significant change and innovation. Her role focuses on aligning our transformation goals with the Firm’s long-term vision, ensuring that all changes enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness in the market. 

Sarah takes pride in playing her role to spread the Firm’s name far and wide, aiming to leave a significant positive impact on as many people as possible. Beyond her professional life, Sarah enjoys the vibrant world of live music, spending quality time with friends, playing with her dogs, and diving into DIY house projects.