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A California SIBTF Attorney Will Make Sure You Receive the Maximum Amount of WC Benefits You Are Entitled To

The Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF) is another type of specialized secondary claim, which serves as a motivator for workers with disabilities to return to the workplace and for employers to hire workers with disabilities without fear of being held liable for the effects of previous disabilities or impairments.  When applicable, the SIBTF provides additional compensation to injured workers who already had a pre-existing, labor-disabling impairment or disability (whether industrial or non-industrial) at the time of injury.  

For benefits to be paid from the SIBTF, the combined effect of the workers’ compensation injury and the previous disability or impairment must result in a permanent disability of at least 70 percent.   SIBTF benefit checks are issued to injured workers by the SIBTF Claims Unit after benefits are awarded by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board and are subject to credit for prior workers’ compensation indemnity or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits received by the employee.  However, without an experienced California workers’ compensation attorney, many injured workers likely won’t even realize they may qualify for these benefits. The California SIBTF attorneys at Nyman Turkish know these benefits inside out and ensure their clients receive all types of available benefits they are entitled to under the law.

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