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Police and Firefighter Injury Attorney Representing You

Frontline first responders such as police officers and firefighters work every day to keep our communities safe and ensure individuals in emergencies get the help they need quickly and safely. Our first responders face increased risks and dangers with every call they answer, which makes the likelihood of a serious on-the-job injury a concern. 

If you are a firefighter or police officer injured on the job while serving your community, you deserve to have someone who is willing to fight for you and your rights, just as you do each day for your community members. The experienced California police injury lawyer team at Nyman Turkish is here for you and we can assist you with your Workers’ Compensation claim. Contact a California firefighter injury attorney today for a FREE CONSULTATION. We will provide a thorough explanation of your rights and outline the compensation benefits that may be available to you for the injuries you sustained while completing your essential job duties.

Common Injuries Sustained by Firefighters and Police Officers in California

In addition to the common injuries faced by most men and women in the workforce – like slips and falls – first responders also face extreme dangers because of the nature of their job.  The dangers that are unique to a first responder include:

  • Severe burns
  • Spinal cord and brain injuries
  • Broken bones, fractures, and bruising
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Illnesses from exposure to communicable diseases and bloodborne pathogens

Any of these severe injuries can leave police officers, firefighters, and paramedics in critical condition and unable to work for an extended period. Some injuries can result in a permanent disability and sometimes even death. If you or a loved one were injured working as a first responder, DON’T WAIT! Time is of the essence. Contact an experienced California police injury lawyer or California firefighter injury attorney at Nyman Turkish today. Our aggressive litigators can help fight for the Workers’ Compensation benefits you deserve as a result of the injuries you sustained while serving your community as a first responder.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available for California First Responders

If you were injured while performing your essential job duties in California, our knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Attorneys can investigate your claim and help you obtain temporary disability benefits, ongoing medical treatment, permanent disability benefits, and supplemental job displacement benefits. We also help injured parties secure death benefits for certain dependent family members. You will quickly learn that working with Nyman Turkish is different. We put clients first and don’t let insurance companies get away with anything. We will fight to get you the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to under the law, allowing you to put healing first.

Industrial Disability Leave and Presumptions Entitlement 

Many public safety employees are entitled to certain benefits and presumptions of industrial injury that other workers are not generally entitled to. For example, police and firefighters are entitled to one year of IDL benefits, which pays them their full salary during the first year of temporary disability, as opposed to the usual temporary disability benefit of 2/3 of the injured worker’s average weekly wage. Similarly, law enforcement officers and firefighters are also entitled to certain presumptions of industrial injury that are not generally available to other workers. These presumptions cover all types of public safety employees like firefighters and sworn peace officers across the state, including members of the California Highway Patrol, local, city and county police departments, airport officers, and officers within the University of California system. The most common example of these presumptions is the ‘duty belt presumption’ under LC 3213.2. Under the duty belt presumption, if a sworn officer sustains a back injury within 60 months of last wearing a duty belt, the back injury is presumed to be industrial in nature. Other presumptions provide that certain types of injuries sustained by firefighters or police officers may not be apportioned to non-industrial causes, guaranteeing Workers’ Compensation will be liable for 100% of the permanent disability caused by the injury. 

We Fight for Injured California First Responders – Schedule a FREE Consultation with a California Police Injury Attorney Today

Are you a firefighter or police officer who was injured in the line of duty? If so, contact Nyman Turkish today to speak with a California police injury lawyer or California firefighter injury attorney. Our Firm offers you a FREE CONSULTATION and a NO FEE GUARANTEE, so you have nothing to lose by contacting a Workers’ Compensation attorney at Nyman Turkish today for assistance with your Workers’ Compensation claim.