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With over 35 years of experience handling Social Security Disability cases, Nyman Turkish is, and continues to be, a national leader in the field. Nyman Turkish has helped thousands of claimants recover tens of millions of dollars in Social Security Disability benefits.

Our Workers Compensation attorneys and staff will stop at nothing to ensure that you receive the highest possible settlement for your claim. Our team has settled multiple 7-figure lawsuits, ensuring that their clients are able to take all of the time they need to rest and heal without the worry of financial stress and complications.

Originally founded by Senior Partner William Turkish, the Firm has grown from a single-location solo practice to a national powerhouse. While the Firm has grown, the individualized care and compassion clients are met with at Nyman Turkish remains unchanged. Now more than ever, we pride ourselves on providing personalized and efficient representation to each of our clients.

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In addition to a storied Social Security practice, Nyman Turkish PC also offers unmatched representation for individuals with disabilities who have experienced discrimination. Led by highly regarded Civil Rights Specialist Jason M. Turkish, Nyman Turkish PC has taken on some of the biggest defendants in the country, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Wayne County Airport Authority, the American Bar Association, the Law School Admission Council, the Michigan High School Athletic Association, USA Triathlon, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and other major corporations and government entities. At Nyman Turkish, we believe that the purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other civil rights laws, is to ensure inclusion and equality for all and we strive to advance that purpose with every case we take.

A Dedicated Client Service Team Just for You

At Nyman Turkish, we pride ourselves on being a “full-service” Social Security Disability firm. This means that we are there for you no matter what step of the process you are on. Many lawyers will not take on a Social Security Disability case until it has reached the hearing stage. We are different. At our firm we will take on cases even before the application has been filed. This allows us to provide support to clients from the very beginning of their claim, with the hope that they will be approved earlier in the process, without the need for burdensome appeals and hearings. We take pride in carefully examining each case so that we can guarantee that you are presenting the strongest application possible to the Social Security Administration.

Compassionate, Ethical Law Firm Fighting For Your Benefits

One of the most daunting parts of the Social Security process is the hearing stage. This is your opportunity to go beyond a written account of your claim, and present your case to an Administrative Law Judge. The Social Security Administration now allows non-attorneys to represent claimants at hearings. This will never be the case at Nyman Turkish. When you go to a hearing, you will be accompanied by a Licensed Attorney who solely handles Social Security Disability claims, ensuring that you are getting high-quality representation. Our attorneys consider a number of issues outside of Social Security when processing your claim. For example, do you have other claims such as Workers’ Compensation or a no-fault auto claim? Are you on Medicaid or Medicaid eligible? How can acquiring benefits impact your assets or estate plan? These are all important questions, which can only be adequately addressed by our Licensed Attorney representatives.

For many people, obtaining Social Security Disability benefits means survival, and we believe that no one should have to face this challenge alone. Let us be your support, your voice, and your advocate.

Family-Owned, Family Values, Always

Our California based Workers’ Compensation department helps workers throughout California apply for benefits when they are injured on the job. We not only help claimants when they experience an unfortunate event that results in an injury while working but also when they develop an injury or ailment overtime because of the work responsibilities they were assigned. Our extremely experienced team can join in on a case that you have already started or will help you to file your initial claim for these benefits. It does not matter where you are in the process, we believe that you should not have to fight insurance companies and your employer on your own.