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California Work Injury Lawyer for Appeals & Denials

Nyman Turkish Workers’ Compensation lawyers have a combined 50+ years of experience in settling claims for Californians. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the information they need and the care they deserve, so that they have the best experience possible throughout their claim process. We understand how stressful a work-related illness or injury can be as you try to maintain financial stability while also recovering.  Our Firm is different because we treat our clients how we would want our family to be treated. It is the job of everyone on our team to take as much burden as possible off of our clients while they heal.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for valid Workers Comp claims to be initially turned down by an employer’s insurance company, and if someone were to be filing their claim on their own they may stop pursuing benefits after this denial. Our team of knowledgeable and aggressive litigators don’t let insurance companies get away with these types of claim rejections. Every Workers Compensation Attorney on our team is experienced in fighting and overturning claim denials, and getting our clients every possible benefit that they deserve. Contact a California work injury lawyer at Nyman Turkish today for a FREE CONSULTATION. Our attorneys are standing by to fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Why Was My Claim Delayed? 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is an employment benefit that may provide medical and/or financial benefits to a worker if they suffer a work-related injury or illness. While rules on requirements regarding Work Comp benefits vary from state to state, in California employers are required by law to pay for Workers’ Compensation insurance even if they only have one employee. 

Unfortunately, sometimes deserving Workers’ Compensation claims become delayed. This can happen because of a variety of reasons, such as:

  • A claimant having issues being unable to find an Insurance Company approved medical provider (PTP).
  • Issues with getting the necessary paperwork and medical documentation to complete the processing of the claim.
  • Delay in employers providing necessary information to the claimant and in completing their reporting requirements.
  • Neglect in training Workers’ Compensation review staff.

Claimants that are not working with an experienced Workers Compensation attorney are much more likely to experience delays in their claim for the mere fact that they don’t have an expert on their side. At Nyman Turkish PC, we have multiple teams of employees that are 100% dedicated to ensuring that claims are approved as quickly as possible, with the highest value payout and longest term of medical treatment that our clients are entitled to under the law. If an insurance company or employer causes a delay in a claim we are representing, our attorneys do not hesitate to demand a hearing regarding the delay, which may result in additional money going to our clients.

With Nyman Turkish PC, you’ll work with a team that is available to answer your questions by phone or email. We hold Customer Service to the highest regard and strive to always provide our clients with informative case updates that explain the current case status. If you call outside of our office hours, you can expect a call back the next business day. If you want to speak with your attorney about your case plan, they won’t hesitate to get on a call and cover all the information. Call us now, and we’ll begin work for you right away. We offer every claimant a FREE CASE EVALUATION and have a Firmwide NO FEE GUARANTEE. That means that there is no money out of pocket to get your case going, and if you don’t win your claim you owe us NOTHING.

My injury occurred because of my job, why was my claim denied? 

It is in the best interest of an employer’s insurance company to settle claims for the lowest amount possible, or to deny them outright. Some reasons why a Workers’ Compensation claim may be denied, include, but are not limited to:

  • The injury that is the subject of the Workers’ Compensation claim was found to be “not work-related”. 
  • The insurance company does not believe that the injury requires medical treatment to fully recover.
  • The insurance company does not believe that the injury should cause an employee to have time off work in order to heal.

It is incredibly important in a Workers Compensation claim that you have medical evidence that clearly outlines a REASONABLE treatment plan and timeline. Our experienced attorneys have worked on cases where people have suffered all kinds of injuries, from those that are temporary to those that are catastrophic and cause 100% disability. We are constantly reviewing all medical records and opinions that come in for our clients, and if we believe that more information is needed to explain the extent of their injuries, then we make sure that they go to a doctor that can outline this clearly. 

In Cumulative Trauma cases it is especially important for us to explain how a person’s work duties caused injuries and/ailments that make it impossible for them to continue completing their work. In some cases, we are working to show that they can no longer perform ANY type of job. From the very first call you have with our Firm, we’ll work to gather as many details as possible about your job duties and the medical issues that you deal with each day. Some workers don’t even realize the toll that their job has taken on their physical and mental health.

Because of the extreme detail that is required from these claims, you 100% need an expert to help you with this type of law or you could leave benefits on the table. Our attorneys have a track record of settling claims at top dollar, ensuring that our clients can continue with their lives while receiving the medical support they need. There is no substitution for experience when it comes to winning a full and high value Workers’ Compensation claim.

Contact a California Work Injury Lawyer at Nyman Turkish Today For a FREE CONSULTATION 

A Nyman Turkish California work injury lawyer is ready to assist you with your claim immediately. We offer a NO FEE GUARANTEE and a FREE consultation for all clients. If you have sustained an injury at work, developed an injury over time because of your job responsibilities, or have become sick due to your work conditions, contact us for more information about Workers’ Compensation benefits. If your claim was denied, DO NOT WAIT TO CALL. We can assist – contact us today to learn more.