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Jack Kramer holds the position of Chief Information Officer at Nyman Turkish PC. He has worked with Nyman Turkish for over 20 years, starting as Director of Information Technology when the Firm was still The Law Offices of William Turkish, and has worked closely with the partners to build a robust technology infrastructure that has helped enable Nyman Turkish to grow from its humble origins to the nationwide footprint it has today. When asked about Nyman Turkish, Jack highlights the Firm’s service to its clients–specifically that the Firm serves clients who are often overlooked when it comes to their needs. “Our clients are the number one priority and everything we build is designed to make sure we can serve them to the best of our abilities,” he said. “When we improve our technology, we make sure we are able to get our clients the benefits they deserve as quickly as possible–but we also ensure that we never sacrifice security and keep a focus on making sure our clients’ information remains protected.” When not in the office Jack enjoys walking his dog, taking cooking classes with his wife, and taking the time to enjoy outdoor activities.