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A Team Approach and a Work Ethic Second to None

Our support leadership team is committed to securing the most advantageous outcomes for our clients. With a dedicated, hands-on approach, we ensure that clients feel thoroughly supported and secure throughout each stage of their case. Furthermore, we integrate advanced technology, providing our clients with a substantial competitive edge, affirming our commitment to their deserved success.

Photo of Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell

Director of Social Security Disability Hearing Operations

Amy Campbell holds a B.A. in Paralegal Studies from Boston University and has worked in the legal field since 2011, formerly specializing in Release of Information for Medical Records and Michigan Auto Law. She joined Nyman Turkish in 2017 and her expertise quickly led her to take on the crucial role as the Director of Hearing Operations and Co-Director of Case Management. Passionately representing Nyman Turkish's culture, Amy reflects on how rewarding our work is, noting the happiness in moments of calling clients to let them know they’ve won their case. Amy's enthusiasm spills over to her personal interests, especially when it comes to Michigan sports. An avid supporter of U of M Football and the Detroit Lions, she's also deeply invested in embracing a holistic lifestyle. Amy enjoys working out, spending time with family/friends, and attending comedy shows, sporting events and live music.

Photo of Jack Kramer

Jack Kramer

Chief Information Officer

Jack Kramer holds the position of Chief Information Officer at Nyman Turkish PC. He has worked with Nyman Turkish for over 20 years, starting as Director of Information Technology when the Firm was still The Law Offices of William Turkish, and has worked closely with the partners to build a robust technology infrastructure that has helped enable Nyman Turkish to grow from its humble origins to the nationwide footprint it has today. When asked about Nyman Turkish, Jack highlights the Firm's service to its clients--specifically that the Firm serves clients who are often overlooked when it comes to their needs. "Our clients are the number one priority and everything we build is designed to make sure we can serve them to the best of our abilities," he said. "When we improve our technology, we make sure we are able to get our clients the benefits they deserve as quickly as possible--but we also ensure that we never sacrifice security and keep a focus on making sure our clients' information remains protected." When not in the office Jack enjoys walking his dog, taking cooking classes with his wife, and taking the time to enjoy outdoor activities.

Photo of Kate Smith

Kate Smith

Human Resources Manager

Kate Smith holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and takes pride in being a first-generation college graduate, with immigrant parents. Joining the Firm in 2023 as an HR Generalist, Kate swiftly advanced to her managerial role, attributing her progress to prior experience as an HR Director in the mental health sector. Kate is committed to fostering change and contributing to organizations that make a meaningful impact. She takes pride in ensuring our staff members feel supported as they advocate on behalf of our clients. She previously interned with 'Free Our Girls'- an organization dedicated to helping and supporting women in their journey to exit sex trafficking-and remains actively involved with that organization and other homeless and animal shelters. She prioritizes spending time with family and friends, her Husband, Brian and their Border Collie, Lance.

Photo of Kylee Stahr

Kylee Stahr

Director of Social Security Disability Client Intake

Kylee Stahr became a part of Nyman Turkish in 2019 as a member of our Intake Specialist team. Over time, she has demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill, progressing steadily to her current role as the Director of SSD Client Intake. Her entry into the disability industry was driven by a passion for making a difference in the lives of disabled individuals, which no doubt also fueled her while she was working through her associate degree in psychology. She cherishes her role, which allows her to connect with a diverse group of people and contribute positively to the disabled community. Beyond work, Kylee enjoys quality time with her family and friends, experimenting with her culinary skills, and immersing herself in captivating books.

Photo of Liam O'Rourke

Liam O'Rourke

Director of Workers' Compensation Client Intake

Liam O’Rourke, the California Workers’ Compensation Director of Client Intake at Nyman Turkish, has made it his mission to ensure that clients are educated about their legal rights and can secure the Workers' Compensation benefits they deserve. Liam's journey with Nyman Turkish started in October 2020. After relocating to California from Washington, D.C., during the pandemic. With a B.A. in Political Science from the State University of New York College at Cortland and a Paralegal Certificate from The George Washington University, Liam possesses the knowledge and skills to protect the rights of injured workers, a passion he feels strongly about. Outside of work, Liam has a passion for athleticism. He enjoys skiing, swimming, and mountain biking in the Lake Tahoe area and beyond.

Photo of Mark Calderon

Mark Calderon

Director of Workers' Compensation Client Services

With a determined start in the industry at just 20 years old, thanks to the mentorship and opportunity extended by his father, Mark Calderon started representing injured workers and has since secured substantial benefits for his clients, especially those in the Latino community. As the Director of Client Services and Hearing Representative at Nyman Turkish since May 2023, Mark has made a profound impact on our clients, showcasing his leadership abilities and dedication to advocacy. In the intricacies of legal proceedings, Mark excels as a liaison, bridging the gap between clients, defense attorneys, insurance companies, and judges. This commitment stems from his passion for ensuring his community receives the representation and voice it rightfully deserves. Outside of work, Mark enjoys spending quality time with his family, engaging in outdoor activities, cheering on his son at sporting events, and attending concerts and live sports.

Photo of Mary Simon

Mary Simon

Director of Social Security Disability Case Management Operations

Mary Simon, armed with a B.A. in English from the University of New Orleans, embarked on her journey at Nyman Turkish PC as a Case Manager. Today, she holds the esteemed position of Director of Case Management. Mary's unwavering dedication to her role is driven by her passion for helping people and building meaningful connections with individual clients, supporting them through their toughest moments. Her work not only enriches lives but also empowers the Firm to undertake impactful litigation and lobbying efforts for the benefit of all. In her leisure hours, Mary indulges in a diverse range of interests, including reading, culinary adventures, dining out, exploring parks and nature preserves, and a little retail therapy to top it off.

Photo of Pam Wickersham

Pam Wickersham

Chief Technology Officer

A distinguished alumnus of Michigan State University, Pam Wickersham holds a B.S. in Engineering and brings a vast reservoir of technological expertise to Nyman Turkish. Before her tenure starting in May 2023, Pam showcased her leadership skills at Litify, where she led the Product & Engineering team. Her vast experience in cloud-based Document Management/Generation platforms and Salesforce has been instrumental in bringing innovative products to the market. At Nyman Turkish, Pam is revered for her relentless pursuit of technological advancements. She emphasizes the significance of team dynamics and believes in the power of collaboration, stating, “I love looking for ways to accelerate process and drive change through technology. I also work best when I’m a part of team and have amazing peers and colleagues to bounce ideas off and collaborate with – which is exactly what I get to do at Nyman Turkish.” Outside of her professional life, Pam is committed to continuous learning and is an avid reader. She loves spending time with her dogs and enjoys wining and dining with her friends and family.

Photo of Rachel Navalta

Rachel Navalta

Director of Process Excellence

Rachel Navalta holds a B.A. in Professional Communications with a Minor in Business Management from Siena Heights University, complemented by a Broadcast Media Arts Certificate from Specs Howard School of Media Arts. She initially joined the Firm in 2017, assuming the role of Director of Client Services, driven by her profound passion for advocating on behalf of individuals with disabilities. Rachel's extensive experience within the Firm uniquely positions her to comprehend the intricacies of our processes comprehensively, from contacting new potential clients through case conclusion. Having guided thousands of clients through the intricate journey of obtaining disability benefits, she now incorporates this invaluable perspective into the refinement of our processes, ensuring that clients receive the unparalleled and innovative experience that they rightfully deserve. She believes in the power of spreading kindness and positivity, recognizing that even a small gesture can brighten someone's day. Beyond her professional life, Rachel values quality time with her family, the great outdoors, music and staying active.

Photo of Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards

Director of Business Development

Sarah Edwards, a graduate from the University of Arizona, brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her career journey in Social Security Disability law commenced in 2007 at one of the country’s first nationwide SSD law firms and was followed by a decade-long tenure at a premier legal advertising Firm before joining the Nyman Turkish PC team. Sarah's passion for her job stems from Nyman Turkish PC’s unique mission to assist individuals who have often been unfairly impacted by circumstances beyond their control and fighting for these individuals to receive the financial benefits that they earned and have been promised throughout their lives. Sarah takes pride in playing her role to spread the Firm's name far and wide, aiming to leave a significant positive impact on as many people as possible. Beyond her professional life, Sarah enjoys the vibrant world of live music, quality time with friends, playtime with her dogs, and diving into DIY house projects in her free time.

Photo of Stephanie Nagel

Stephanie Nagel

Director of Resource Management and Accounting

Stephanie Nagel has a B.A. in Business Marketing from California State University, Chico. She joined the Firm in May 2018 when a friend recommended her for the receptionist position. Within nine months, she was promoted to an Application Specialist, and by March 2020, Stephanie assumed her current role as Director of Resource Management and Accounting. She loves her job mainly because of the close friendships she has developed with her colleagues during her tenure at the company. In her free time, you can find Stephanie hanging out with friends and family, enjoying boating excursions, and playing with her beloved dog.