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Shmuel Chaikin embarked on his journey with Nyman Turkish after establishing a robust foundation in technology consulting, where he amassed a wealth of experience in legal tech. This specialized knowledge became a pivotal force that led to his collaboration with the Firm. Over the years, he has had the privilege of contributing to a multitude of projects that necessitated a deep understanding of both technological innovation and legal intricacies. His transition into the industry was marked by the seamless integration of his expertise with the Firm’s pioneering legal services, underlining a shared vision of revolutionizing legal solutions through technology. It is his goal to ensure that clients’ interactions with the legal system are as painless and swift as possible. The opportunity to employ technology as a tool for such meaningful impact is what fuels his passion and love for his job every day.

In his capacity as Chief Technology Officer at Nyman Turkish, he is entrusted with the development and stewardship of the technical roadmap, ensuring that it is not only robust but also visionary. His role involves a diligent evaluation of emerging technologies, selecting the most fitting innovations that align with strategic goals. He is committed to establishing best practices within IT operations, fostering an environment of excellence and continuous improvement. A key aspect of his job is to architect systems for scalability, preparing the Firm to adeptly handle growth and expanding caseloads. Through strategic foresight, he guides the Firm towards a future where staying at the forefront of technology is synonymous with providing superior service to clients.

When the laptops power down and the screens go dark, Shmuel’s world lights up with the laughter and love of his family. Being a husband and a father means the world to him, and these are roles that he slips into with ease after hours. Whether it’s a weekend outing or a quiet evening at home, the time he spends with them is his greatest treasure. He relishes both playing and watching sports. As a fan, he enthusiastically supports Manchester United and follows Novak Djokovic’s mastery on the court with admiration. At home, he tinkers with home automation—a hobby that combines his love for tech with a bit of fun, proving that not all automation has to be about efficiency. And when the day winds down, you’ll find him surrounded by friends, enjoying the kind of good, honest food that makes life a little more delicious.